Monday, December 20, 2010

Our experience on Song Joong Ki arrival at Singapore Airport

On 18th Dec 2010, our long waited SungKyunKwan's rich boy, Song Joong Ki has arrived to Singapore airport. His flight arrival time is at 9:45pm at the belt 48 at Terminal 3 with Singapore airline.

I thought I will be late and I might not get a place beside the barrier. But luckily when I ask for help on my facebook. Some of my friends who have never go to this kind of things willing to try this time. One of my friend, as well as my blog reader (we know through my blog), she said she will be there earlier and spare one space for me. I was so grateful to hear that. 

On that day, I saw on twitter some girls went to go airport around 3 or 4PM. One girl write on twitter around 3Pm saying she is off to airport now to see Song Joong Ki. I was pissed and worried for my space to squeeze in. Ha ha... I worried for nothing. Later I found out that she is from Thailand and she will be flying to Singapore Airport to see Song Joong Ki. So what she meant was she will be off to Thailand Airport now. (Some people do crazier than me. Well... it's good to crazy while we can, isn't it) 

Around 5:30PM, my friend who could go earlier sms me and said she is on her way to airport. I was released. She reached there around 6PM plus. And asked me where should she stand to get a good spot to see him. And I told her to take place just beside the barrier and to take place around in the middle of the barrier so that we will have more time seeing his face since he came out until he pass us. She took a picture of her spot and uploaded on facebook to see me. (Thanks to nowadays Technologies and Iphones.. I could see immediately and make me release. I realized that time that I should upgrade to some smart Phone already). 

I was released to know there there are about only 20 or 30 girls there. But I am still scare later I can't squeeze into the crowd and I could lost my place since I will be coming late around 8:45pm, the earliest. 

I reached there around 8:20Pm. Earlier than I expected. I've never been to Terminal 3, I had a hard time to find the arrival belt. In the end, I realized that I am looking for the belt 48 at wrong level. When I saw them, there's still have a lot of places. Even though all the places where immediate beside barriers were taken. I easily could find two of my friends and join them. The whole day I didn't really eat much coz of my worry. I am afraid I might have bad breath. Even though I didn't feel like eating I bought some snack and candy at Cheers. 

We talked about a lot of things, mostly about Korean Celeb stuff, a lot of people who passed by wonder who is coming and we always had to answer their curiosity. (What are the airport information counter for? Yes, I am mean girl.. lolz). 

At 9:20PM, we all excited and started to stand and waiting for him. The security agent this time is quite polite. Unlike cisco who scolded fans with F* words. They security this time is same as the security agent as Lee Min Ho departure. I remember one man when I sent LMH off. And I saw some of the same faces when I go and see Kim Hyung Joong's arrival. 

Around 9:50Pm, we started to hear some screaming. But I thought the screams are weak so that it might be false alarm. But I was wrong. Actually he was there already in the crowd. Bcoz the path way are too narrow, we shouldn't shout too loud. If not our loud voice will annoy him. That's the reason I didn't shout this time too. The path was so narrow that if we reach our hands out from both left and right side of barriers, we could even touch him. 

Media people were blocking our perfectly chosen view, so I still thinking he was not there yet. But I keep recording with my video cam. Suddenly I caught one unforgettable face on my camera. OMG......... It was him.... He is here. All my doubts were clear and I was getting excited. He walked very slowly along the path. One reason probably bcoz media people are blocking his way. I saw he wave and took the present fans give him. So I decided to give him my newly bought sparkling hat too. 

Slowly... slowly... he was nearer and nearer.. when he is actually in front of me. I saw his face is just like a baby. The milky white smooth skin of him can advertise for baby powder. I was amazed at his baby face and the smooth skin. He is not that tall. Average height. Among all the actors I've seen before are all younger than me. But they gave me the feeling of excitement as a man. Now he is same age as me, I was happy for the fact that he is same age with me. But how come his face is soooo baby face and too cute to be excited as a man. He has to stop for awhile right in front of us coz his path way is blocked by the media people again. OMG!!! I had a time admiring his cute baby face. I tried to give him my gift but even from the beginning seem like the person behind him remind him not to take anymore gifts from fans. So he avoided to look at my gift. It's understandable. I don't blame him. Instead, he give me a glance and nodded to me in a polite way. It was like only mili second but I could faint for that. He acknowledged my love. 
Photo credit to Nway NayChi

One important thing... he took off his sun glasses when he started to face all the fans. What a cute and nice celeb who actually respect the fans and greet them with his own eyes. He seems so surprised by the enormous amount of fans welcoming him. We can see through his eyes that he is actually happy, grateful and surprised by us since he wasn't even the 2nd lead actor yet but he has so many oversea fans who support him. 

I saw on some of the website, he said before he went into his car. "I really surprised by the big amount of fans".  I am glad that we could give him surprise and make him happy since he just got criticized by his informal speech at the melon music award ceremony as an Emcee. He must have been sad at that time. Now he is happy coz of us. *I am happy too*..

Below is the video I took on that day... Enjoy...

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