Monday, November 06, 2006

what a boring day..

My day is as boring as my old days. Every days routine are the same. Wake up >>> go to work >> whole day pretend to work but actually chatting or surf the net but sometime i really got to work hard >> than go home >> have dinner >> watch TV or dramas >> sleep........!!!
But today.. i saw one of my friend blog and wanna write blog and open my heart here.. h` h`..
I wanted to take MC and don't wanna come to work since last week. But i do come to work since i have something to do. I don't want to hand over my job to my colleagues and make them suffer for me. But when i reach here.. god damn it!!!! lots of my colleagues take MC and make me double suffer in stead of them... what the !@#$%^ ...... I am the yongest and i get lower paid than them... how can they do it to me? but one thing i understand..

" In life, will u be the one step on other head or let other pple step on your head first???? "

Eventhough i don't want to step on other pple head, I will try to avoid they step on me. If really can't avoid, i will step on them without mercy..... war ha ha haha.. what a boring life!!!!