Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Myanmar New year, 1374

photocredit to yelwinoo
Today is the beginning of Myanmar new year 1374. During this day, almost everyone in Myanmar would do the good deeds such as releasing fish into the pond and sparrow from the cage into the sky (But I am in doubt for that act whether we are actually freeing them or they were being captured because it's a trend for human to do a form of good deeds), pay homage to elderly and inviting monks to pray for prosperous and chase away the devil around the neighbor (That's what I heard since I were young, Correct me if i am wrong). 

Well, Anyway. The most important things is that today is Myanmar New year. The day that beginning of the year. As you all know it is public holidays in Myanmar. Myanmar has long Public holidays during New year period. I can imagine while others people are enjoying the new years activities, I am here alone stuck in the office cubicle and counting down for the time to pass faster. If boss not around, I would take a peek into Myanmar blogs and photos of Thingyan. And now ended up writing a post when I am about to go back home. 

What make me more reluctant to come to work this morning is because both of my elder sisters took MC just because today is New year day of Myanmar. Gezzzzzzzz..... I wish I could do that. But here in Singapore, there is not much activities going around or can't even felt the New Year environment. So what's the point I would waste my one day MC and lying to the doctor in New year. A hint...... We used to say that if you do something on new year, that mean it would actually happen during whole year. I mean if they work on new year day, meaning they have to work like hell the whole year. So there will be tiring year ahead.

At first I do feel uneasy about that too. But now I try to be optimistic. What if I take it as, I am working on new year day so that I won't need to worry about retrench or economy downtime or my department disbanded. This whole year, I will have stable job and stable income. 

There is a submission for my school Electronic Course Registration (ECR) this afternoon. We have to register the module we would like to pursue for next semester online. It is fist come first serve system and you need to manage nicely for your schedule during next sem. Last semester, I was being lazy and registered late. I couldn't get the module I applied and ended up with just elective subjects module. But I had a bit easy life for last semester coz I don't have much exam or projects to do. 

For this semester, I have to push myself for study more. The maximum Credit unit I could take is 20CU which is about 4 subjects. I decided to take it all. It would be so much work load and challenging. But I want to graduate faster. Even if I take 20 CU, my nearest graduation will be next 3.5years later if I didn't failed any subjects in between. I am worry about lazy self. 

One brain of mine keeps asking me "Are you sure? How are you gonna cope with? Since started schooling you didn't even have time to watch all the korean drama or blog much, How are you going to manage your time?". 

But another brain of my hyper mind with I-can-do-it attitude says "It's okay, Noone know what you can do. Even You don't know yourself. Why don't you give it a try? Don't worry even before you try it."

I am trapped in those two mind but I let my fate decide. I applied all 4 subjects which is full 20CU and let the school decide. Coz sometime even if you applied, you  might not get all modules due to class size capped and First come first serve system. 

Since this is Myanmar New Year, I have this feeling that I have to start as a new leaf and new resolution. But wait!!! I think like that every year but nothing change. I am still me. still lazy and do things last minutes.... LOL ....


The most important thing is to BE HAPPY.

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