Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The mess in City Hall on April 10 :(

I reached to City Hall, Peninsula Plaza which most of Burmese stuffs can get (kind of Burmese plaza) around 8PM on 10th April 2011, a day we celebrate our new year water festival in Singapore. But I am speechless when i saw the mess.
Yes... I am Burmese aka Myanmar. But I don't like this mess and I am not one of those who made this mess. I've mentioned and pointed out about this action without discipline which we need to improved to gain better impression on how others nationalities view upon us. Do we want them to keep looking down on us? Do we want others to keep discriminating on Burmese for this reasons? I had once got one opposition comment for 2009 thingyan review post. He said that they just having fun bcoz it's one and only day for them to celebrate and let their stress out. So they don't have reason to care for other nationalities view on them.

I think that's so wrong.... It's for your moralities. One should not think like "no matter how much mess we've made, it's cleaner's duty to clean all these mess." Come on,  we are making our living in other people country. Pls be considerate. For Example, when you were a child, guests came to your house with their kids and their kids make a mess in your house. How would you feel about that?? Why can't those people who made a mess understand a small basic courtesy in such working age???

Cleaners are paid to clear normal rubbish. Not the mess you've made. Be responsible for your behaviors.  Lets say you leave your rubbish at the corner and nobody see it. It's just you know and you leave there quickly and quietly. No one is as disadvantage as you are by this behaviors. Coz it's your moral which has already destroyed by yourselves. I am sure you know that it is not something to be proud deep down inside of your heart. From this little behavior, as time goes by your moral virtue is already gone and your life will never be better. Be responsible for your behavior. Coz it's effecting others.

Those who donate free food in City Hall, I am just wondering why they don't provide enough rubbish bags?? Why don't they responsible just like Sembawang Thingyan if they want to donate? I find Sembawang Thingyan is very well discipline. There might be more or less rubbish and drunken men but it's still in control and acceptable condition. Almost all as much as I saw are good and well behave people.(will write about Toa PaYoh Thingyan and Sembawang Thingyan in later post).

Will you have a sense of shame like me if you see below pictures?

I don't know who cause this mess but I want to say "SHAME ON YOU"

I feel really bad and guilty when i saw the cleaner lady cleaning all this mess. I am not the one who made the mess but anyway it was done by someone who sharing same nationalities as me... Myanmar....


Young said...

Yes, your are right. I saw all these pictures and feel very shame.

Ma Young.

Anonymous said...

yes, speechless~~! What a shame~!
Pity on them!
Pity on us (Myanmar) cuz of those who made things messy n dirtily ugly~!
Tsk!!!! :(

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for cleaners ..
Those people shame for themselves ..

Anonymous said...

SPEECHLESS ... That's why I don't want to go.

sosegado said...

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Anonymous said...

Yes, totally agree with you and feel shameful :(

zizzy said...

you're right sis, this is pretty messy. shame on those people.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you.