Friday, April 22, 2011

My Gmarket obsession

Recently I am obsessed with Gmarket online shopping. I've bought several things such as cosmestic, skin care and socks from that site and it is amazingly make me amuzed. The hope of waiting for the percal to arrive and the thrill of opening the parcel when it arrive is really exciting. Coz u are happy to received the items but u still need to worry about damages inside the box or parcel. Or items u bought could be wrongly sent to u.

But I've never encountered these problems before. I received all the items well packed and correct orders. I've never bought the clothes from online though. Cos normally clothes quality may vary from picture they show and when u recieved. You have to make sure the materials they used and the size of the product clearly. I may try one day sooner.

If u want to buy from Gmarket but u don't know whether the seller is trusted or not, u can read the review of others buyers. Sometime their advise help too. But Still it's ur risk if u buy from online. So normally I just buy from best seller and I read the review. If u want to know something, u can posted the question and ask the seller too. Isn't that good enough to buy from there?

For some products which has base in Singapore, the delivery take only 2 or 3 days. But some products are directly shipped from Korea. If so, it takes at least 2 weeks.

This website is actually originated from South Korea. They have their own language online shopping Gmarket site. If u are able to read korean language, that website is even more cheaper and give out lots of free gifts. But since I can't read Korean, I just shop from gmarket singapore base. Even though it's originated from Korea, for singapore base gmarket, u can see Taiwan product and others countries products as well. Pay with Singapore doller and it's easy to access.

So enjoy shopping at and your money will just jump out from ur pocket while u staying home or working just like me. Ha Ha... Anyway, It's cheaper than others place if u can browse around.

Let me share some photos of products which I bought from there.

Dermal Facemask arrived in 3 days with nicely packed

2nd layer packing

Here it is... Blue is for men.. The quality nice. I saw on Plaza Singapora selling S$1.90 per mask.. I bought it around 50 cents per mask (but u need u add shippin fees) .. Now selling even cheaper...

My cutie socks are arrived after long wait of 2 weeks.

Arn't they cute? U must combine both side of sock to become one picture. Lots of design and cartoon characters. I love it. It's around S$2 per pair including shipping fee but i saw Cause Way point "mini toon" shop selling with S$5. Well... anyway online shopping has risk and they don't have room rental fees. I love the socks but I don't know why the size different from pink and white one.

Arn't they cute? the lips of that cute little things is coming out actually. i love them.

Men socks are nice design. There are cartoon character socks of Idols like SHinee and SNSD member too.

Ordermall shipped my nail polish.... take 2 weeks... :)

Nicely packed with bubble bag. No damage at all.

I wanna make strawberry nail... so I order these colour... But I didn't get forest green colour.. so I just ordered Lime green... Nice too.. Very fast drying... I help my colleagues do strawberry nail too and they love it.

If u wanna use nail polish, u must have base coat, top coat and safety nail remover, right?

Tony Moly Eggpore pack... I bought it while on promotion... It's only S$9.90 (but u need to add shipping fees too) I used it twice and the result is good. I am gonna try other product from Tony Moly too.

Eggpore pack... It helps reduce ur pore around ur nose and cheek area... only 2 or 3 times a week use and it's enough. I couldn't able to get Tomato mask... A lot people said it's nice and sold out very quickly...


SZA said...

so nice..i want eggpore pack.. socks..i thought it is baby sock at first.hehe..
i hav tomato mask..not sure it is really brightening and really good for my skin or not..can't see much different, i feel that way though..

Anonymous said...

sis, I ordered from GMarket cos of your recommendation. :)