Saturday, November 17, 2007

This and That

I really want to write a good blog. Sometime i got things to write in my mind and when i open and try to write don't know how to start. It is really irritating.
Whenver I go visit to other pple blog. I enjoy reading their blog. Some are really good at imagination and writing. Some are really creative. The huge things making me to lazy to write blog is lazy to type in myanmar font. I want to write with myanmar font. But lazy to type it and no time to write all the things in my mind. The reason is too bad huh.. Now i understand that writing blog is also a difficult things. I really appreciate people who can update their blog everyday.
Now i just write This and that coz i am so free at work today. But yet need to act busy with computer.

Oh.. but i think to day is a bad day for me. Morning wake up late and when i go to bus stop, I met with one indian guy who argue with me last time again. It makes my mood bad. And i nearly over sleep on the bus. I woke up when the bus is almost leaving the bus stop. So I faster get up and try to tap my bus card. I couldn't find the card yet my hand ph drop from my bag. :(
The bus driver is really un-understanding person. He should have known i am trying to get off the bus but yet he close the door. I am really embrass to tell him to open the door. I guess everyone in the bus are looking at me since i am the very front of the bus.

Reach to work, my trainer come and warn me for the little mistake. If i have a mind like last time, I sure talk back. But now i think i am alittle mature. I just said "okay". but it's really irriatated. She come and tell me whenver i make a little mistake. But i didn't do the same mistake again and again. I just do the mistake that i never do before. But she will told me like " u always do like that". There can't be excuse or explanation. If u do have, U will get one enemy. ok ok.. i better stop it now. coz she is behind me..

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