Tuesday, February 02, 2010

List of some dramas sorted by story, Plot or Genres

Recently I have been wanting to watch a drama with older woman younger man relationship kinda drama. There are time like I wanted to watch suspense and crime, Detective or Romance and comedy. I had a habit that I keep watching the same scenario drama again and again which i have been craving for. Normally I would read the drama outline before watching the drama and decide whether it would makes me interesting enough.

I kept on watching older woman younger man relationship drama until i couldn't find any more those kinda dramas to watch. I asked on some of the dramas forum to advise me the drama with that plot and i have shared the drama titles of older woman younger man dramas. But most of them reply that i have watch almost all these dramas and they have no more to advise. But some still advise the drama i haven't watched like "My Sweet Soul" "Suppli". Before they advise I tried to Google the list for Older Woman younger man Asian dramas. But there are None.

At that time I got an idea. It would be nice to share a list of drama base on Plot and Scenario. Let me share with you all the dramas which i have already watched.
I wrote this post in English so that every can understand and would be easy to find the result when someone Google and try to search by plot like i did. Here are the list.

Older Woman Younger Man DalJa's Spring (my all time favourite)

-Rude Woman

-Crazy for you

-Hello My Teacher (but personally i don't like this drama due to cast)

-What's up Fox

-My Lovely Samsoon

-Witch Yoo Hee ( personally I don't like the plot due to the male lead ald have gf but he betrayed her for older woman)

-My Sweet Soul
-The Woman who still want to married (Now airing, I still haven't watched)

-Ohitorisama (new drama of Koike Teppei)

-Kimi wa Petto (Nice drama of Mastumoto Jun)

-Long Vacation (old series of Kimura Takuya)

-Sore wa, Totsuzen, Arashi no you ni... (like it coz of Yamapi)

-Forbidden Love aka Majo no Jouken (Old drama of Takizawa Hideaki )

-Around 40 (Many things to think after watch it)

-Slow Dance

My Queen
Older Man Younger Woman
(with lots of age gap)
-Who Are You (I love this actor)

-Sweet 18
-Snow Queen (Very romantic drama of Hyun Bin)

-Successful Story of a Bright Girl
-101st Proposal  (Don't wanna watch)

-Painter of the wind
-Tree of Heaven (haven't watched & don't feel like watching)

-I am Sam (Haven't Watched)

-Saranghae (Haven't Watched)

-koukou kyoshi (haven't watched)

-Hotaru no Hikari

-Last Christmas  (haven't watched)

-Utahime (Haven't watched)

-Freeze (haven't watched)

-Kamisama mou sukoshi dake  (Haven't watched)

-Aishiteru to Itte Kure (I don't like)

-Ai no Uta
-No Idea for TW Dramas

There are lots of J-Drama for Mystery, Suspense, Detective. I am gonna mention a few good one which i have watched.

Crime, Mystery and Detective
-IRIS (2009)
-Evasive Inquiry Agency (Funny)
-The Devil
-JiKou Keisatsu
-Bloody Monday (thumb up)
-Mr. Brain (very very good and recommended)
-Puzzle (not that good)
-Trick 1, 2, 3, 4
-Majo Saiban aka The witch trial
-Liar Game (Recommended)
-Kurosagi (very good drama of Yamapi)
-Investigator Mariko
-Orthros no Inu
-Ryusei no Kizuna
-Clue Collector (haven't watched)

There are lots of School J-Drama and I am gonna tell you a few of good drama I have watched.

School and sport -I am Sam

-God of Study


-Strike Love

-Taereung National Village

-1 Liter of Tears (about Diseased girl)

-14 Sai no haha (14 years old Mother)

-Dragon Zakura (Male Teacher and students, Yamapi)

-Gokusen 1, 2, 3 (Female Teacher and Handsome, hot students)

-Great Teacher Onizuka (Male teacher and students)

-Hanazakari no Kimi Tachi E ~ikemen♂paradise~ (JP)

-Jyoou no Kyoushitsu

-LIFE (about school bullies)

-Mei-chan no Shitsuji (fantasy Romance)

-Nobuta wo Produce


-Regatta (Sport, oarsman )

-My Boss, My Hero (Damn Funny)

-Stand Up!!

-Strawberry on the Shortcake (more on romance)

-Water Boys 1, 2
-18 Jin Bu Jin

-Brown Sugar Macchiato

-Clue Collector (Mystery, School)

-Hot Shot (Sport, School, Romance)

-It Started With A Kiss (Romance)

-Hana Kimi (suck and annoying Actress)

-ToGetHer (pop star and Normal girl)

-Devil Beside you (Romance)

There are many other dramas plot like Cooking, Fantasy and Medical dramas. But due to time constraint and my laziness, I will leave it for now. If you guys wanna have those list, Pls request in my comments section. I will try my best to list down for you. Thanks and Enjoy the dramas.


ToMMyGiRL said...

wow..ur list is quite good..i have watched half of the list, I guess. I gonna watch 'woman who still wants to marry'. Episode 1 subtitle is out. I don't really watch jdrama (drama type), they r slow. I like jdrama comedy, school drama. That yamapi's drama (older woman, younger man), I want to watch, but I don't like watching old drama (like 2003, 2004) and slow drama even though I like yamapi.
I hate Taiwan drama, they are hella annoying. I can't finish watching them except Hana Kimi (Tdrama)

snowgirl said...

Have you watched "Queen Seon Deok"? If not, try to watch it. Very interesting drama. "New Heart" and "Heading To The Ground" are also nice to watch.