Monday, July 07, 2008

Guiter Hero commercial with Sexy, Hottie & Cutie

I found these Commercials of Guitar Hero in Youtube. Three different celebrities perform with same song, same posts & same clothing. They are David Cook (American
Idol Season 7 Winner), David Archuleta(American Idol Season 7 runner up), & Tom Cruise.

It was really enjoyable and I can’t stop laughing whenever I watch these video

Of course ...... Tom Cruise was hotttttttttttttt … & Sexyyyyyy … look so confident &

Yo …man ….David cook was as hot as TC & pretty cool…….. Since the song is Rock, It really suits him. He did a great job … hooray ……. David Cook (***Applause***).

Last but not least David Archuleta…. He is really really
cute kid. And he looks so shy. Although he tried his best to act, it is obvious
that he is so shy. But it makes him adorable.

No offend to David Archuleta’s fans. Personally I prefer that David Cook was the best in my eyes … ha ha ha ha :P …….. He is a greatsinger … He deserved to win American Idol & he did. He was really awesome ….I do like Archuleta. His voice is pretty clear & he has nice personalities but he still need to go long way to adapt the celebrities’ life.

Since I love Rock Genre …. David Cook is Always Be My Idol ….Enjoy below video clips & have fun.

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