Saturday, April 05, 2008

Some of the songs that i can only listen currently

I am still collecting these songs in mp3 format and when i have them all, i will make a song track at the side bar. These songs dedicated for those who has been heart broken. For those who met with betrayer. For those who chose the wrong person in the past. So don't worry coz every one has encounter the feeling called heart broken. You are not alone. What you need to do is forgive, forget and keep moving on the right track. You know what, you still can continues to love someone even he/she is not yours now or you can find new one and others can't call you are betrayer or You will find your success awaiting you to get it. You have many more choices to do now. I am neither conforting nor giving excuses for being left behid or cheated by your loved one.
Well, anyway..... I am also still struggling those feeling though but i am sure i will handle it someday. Somehow... I think i've changed a little bit for the good. I admit that i still love him. I still dream about him but i was crying in the dream whenever he is in my dream. How wonderful the power of mind. huh...

I would like to appoligize for all the friends who has been reading my myanmar blog for not able to write with myanmar font. But i have good reasons.

1. My computer at home got formatted and can't see myanmar font in Internet explore even though i have instralled the font.All i can see are the square.

2. From these days onward, I want to study proper English for my future plan and want to practise some of the writing skill. So you are welcomed to correct me any grammer mistakes,spelling mistakes and so on.

3. Due to my current conditions, I have not enought strength to write down all those feeling in myanmar. If not one post will cost my one litre of tear.

I think you all would understand me and forgive me for not writing in myanmar. Don't be disappointed coz i will write with myanmar when i feel like writing. Ok?

All the best and Enjoy the music. Make sure you listen to the song and understand the meaning. You are welcome to give a suggestion or idea for more song with these kind of meaning and If you have with mp3 format Pls email to
"Too little too late" by JoJo with lyric

"What goes around comes around" by Justin Timberlake with lyric

"Stranger" by Hilary Duff with lyric

"So Yesterday" by Hilary Duff with lyric



Good Luck!


I'm glad to know that you decide to keep going to raise your future. You are right.Writing the post is the best way to practice your skill.Take care your health!